Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day Late and A Dollar Short

Well, I had planned on writing all about my trip tonight, but that was before I got stuck at some crazy-ass awards function for work until 11 o'clock. Seriously. These things really blow. They gave out eleven awards, ELEVEN, and it took two and a half hours.

Sure, it was great to be honored and all, but 2 1/2 hours? My ass was numb after 45 minutes. We're up for a pretty prestigious award next month, where the amount of statues they give out is nearly five times that of tonight's. No wonder people are always bitching about the length of award shows. Who wants to sit through 4 hours of bad jokes, stammering speeches, and gratitude to every person one's ever come across? Not this fairy
. No thanks. I think I'll be conveniently ill for this next one.

ALTHOUGH, I might reconsider, based solely on one thing. The gift bag. If the swag I got tonight for such a small event is any indication of the goodies I'll get at the next, I'll stand there and smile pretty for the camera all they want...numb ass and all.

So, as I said, no trip report tonight. Look for something tomorrow. I'm going to drink a glass of whiskey and dive in to bed.



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