Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Public Service Announcement

I know I was supposed to continue my quest for world peace today by asking my readers from Asia, Australia and New Zealand to write to me, but that has to be put off until tomorrow.

I was thinking about the state of my blog today, and how I haven't written about anything fun lately like blow jobs or G spots. Now, don't get too excited, 'cuz I'm not writing about that today, but leave it to my good friend Moxie over at Sex and Moxie to help me out. It seems that her wonderful company would like to offer all you lovely people some classes on how to get busy in the bedroom...FOR FREE, but only for the first five people who RSVP! So check out the info below and sign up to learn how to get your freak on.

Ladies & Gentleman!

MoxieintheCity.net is extending a special offer to Trixie's readers. Want to attend one of Moxie's Fellatio, Kama Sutra for Men or Women, or Lapdance/Striptease classes for free???

MoxieintheCity.net has these classes scheduled for DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City, Dallas & San Francisco.

To attend for free:

Log on to

Select an event (bedroom workshop or lap/strip class only)

RSVP (DO NOT PRE-PAY) with promo code BREATH

This code is valid only if you RSVP at least THREE days in advance.

Spaces are limited. Only FIVE free admission passes (good for one person each) available.

Use of the BREATH code will ensure free admission as long as you are one of the first FIVE people to RSVP with it.

Have fun! Thank you!!!

I know this lady, people, and let me tell you, you won't be disappointed. So hurry up and sign up now!

My quest for world peace will resume tomorrow.



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