Friday, May 05, 2006

The Woman Behind the Fairy

Auntie Flow is coming to town, and along with her comes the multiple personality disorder more commonly referred to as PMS. Over the past week, you've probably noticed a bit more of the feisty fairy in me than the sweet and lovable person I try to be. I've seen it in my personal correspondence as well. I'm spitting out more vitriol, and less magic dust.

This got me to thinking about my two day-to-day personas, and the differences between them. What you read here on the blog are the feelings and ideas I'm not able to express in my real life. Trixie can call people assholes, and bitch and moan to her heart's content. She can discuss her desires, both physical and emotional, without fear of being looked at as a freak by her peers. She doesn't need to be professional, thoughtful or kind if she doesn't want to be. In other words, she's free to do and say whatever she damned well pleases.

In getting to know her though, you really only know that part of me. Of course you can infer a bit of the real Trix from some of the things I've written, but it's no more than what I've allowed you to see thus far. I get e-mails and comments all the time asking for more details, more information about who I really am. I think it's time I give you those answers. Answers from me...not Trixie.

So, I'm opening this blog up for some serious Q&A. If there's something you want to know about the woman behind the fairy, I'm all ears, and I'll answer as openly and honestly as I long as the questions don't ask me to expose the identities of those I care for and love. Here's your chance, guys. Fire away...this may be your only shot.

NOTE: I'll answer all your questions in a post on Monday.

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