Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14th, 1971


They all thought she was crazy, but she'd been through this once already. The first time, she did it their way. This time it was on her own terms. It was what she wanted, and no one was going to stop her.

She made it herself. White and sleeveless on top, a pale yellow mini below. The yellow satin sash around her waist was held together with a corsage of daisies, her favorite flower.

She looked beautiful, and she was happy.


He always loved a good suit. Tall men look good in them, and he was no exception. The last time he wore a tux, but this was so much better. He felt more like himself.

It was brown, with yellow shirt to match her dress. The pants even had a bit of a bell at the bottom. His narrow tie matched his jacket. His boutonniere was made of daisies, her favorite flower.

He looked handsome, and he was happy.


He watched her walk down the aisle of the small church, her long, dancer legs carrying her confidently towards him. She smiled a smile that he knew was only for him.

They said their vows, surround by a small gathering of loved ones. It was perfect, and exactly as it should be. When the pastor pronounced them man and wife, he smiled and bent down to kiss her. They looked wonderful, and they were happy.

* * *

They were married exactly 35 years ago today. They built a life together, and created a loving home. They have shown everyone that knows them what real and lasting love can be, and they set the perfect example of what a marriage is supposed to be.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you.

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