Sunday, April 02, 2006

Number 100...And a New Beginning

It's funny. My 100th post coincides with a new chapter in my life. Mark a milestone WITH a milestone. Seems appropriate, doesn't it? I never thought I'd make it...on both accounts. But here I am, looking forward to the future in a way I never have before.

When I was in Italy, I was surrounded by the past. MY family's past. The history of love and life, made by those whose blood now runs through my veins. That love was everywhere, and it consumed me. I realized then, that love CAN cross oceans and continents, and pass through obstacles and troubles alike.

How do I know this with such certainty? Because I'm alive. Love DOES move mountains and steer ships through stormy seas. I'm living proof. We all are.

In the late 1800's, my great-grandfather moved from his home in Orsara, Italy to the United States. Once he was settled, he sent for my great-grandmother. They had grown up just one street away from one another. She came by ship, through Ellis Island, to be with the man she loved. In their life together, they had seventeen children. One of which, of course, was my Grandmother.

She's 76 years old now, and has never been "home." So this year, I took her to see the birthplace of her family. I wanted her to know where she came from. I can't express with words what I saw in her eyes when she finally set foot on Orsarean soil. But I can show you pictures of what we saw together. So here, now, is a little piece of where my family began, and where I learned how to see where I'm going.

Orsara di Puglia, Italy

My Great Grandfather's Street

Great Grandpa's Home

My Great Grandmother's Street

Great Grandma's Street

A Room with a View

The Family Church

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