Monday, April 24, 2006

Boys and Their Toys

If there's one thing I've learned about men, it's to never come between them and their toys. Video games, for example, used to be my enemy. I hated the fact that some guys I'd dated enjoyed blowing shit up in a virtual world more than they enjoyed spending time in the real world with me. I once left a bar where a boyfriend got caught up playing Golden Tee with his buddies. It was two hours before he realized I was gone. Needless to say, that relationship didn't last much longer.

As I've gotten older, though, I've realized that there are some fights I'll never win, and wars that are just not worth waging. If it makes my guy happy to detail his car all afternoon, so be it. As long as he's in a good mood when he's around me, that's all that matters. Call it gaining wisdom and perspective with age if you want, I call it relationship preservation. So that's why I had to giggle after this conversation with the BF today:

ME: Nothing good on TV tonight, except Sopranos. I'm bored to tears.

BF: You need an X Box.

ME: No thank you, honey. It's bad enough I'll have to make friends with yours when I'm there.

BF: I promise to neglect mine once you're here.

ME: No, no. I know better than to come between men and their toys.

BF: But you are my toy.

ME: I think you may wish to rephrase that last line...

BF: Had a look at the line...nope, says everything I wanted to say...dry humor, a little sarcasm...and an underlying need to play with you for a few hours.

ME: So basically, I'm just a plaything, subject to your whim?

BF: Cautiously (looking for a trap) yes...

ME: Well, I'm glad we got that straight. So, X Box for when you feel the need to blow things up, and me for when you're feeling horny?

BF: Is there a problem with that?

ME: No problem, just making sure I know my role, since I'm moving 9000 plus miles to be with you. I'd hate to get there and disappoint you.

BF: Don't worry. The X Box with gather lots of dust when you are here.

Nothing changes much as they get older, does it? Yes, maybe the choice of toy...but, oh, how they love to play with them. I guess boys really will be boys, and I, for one, won't be doing any complaining about that.

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