Thursday, March 02, 2006

I've Just Broken Up with Internet Explorer

The internet is a very essential part of my life, both personally and professionally. For work, I do a great deal of research and organization that would all be virtually impossible without the World Wide Web. More importantly, the net allows me to keep in touch with those I love who live in far away places. When I can't reach them, it practically reduces me to tears.

Over the course of the past five days, I've been having major connection issues. Internet Explorer was taking forever to download pages. Sending one email via my gmail account was next to impossible. I was almost ready to throw the computer out the window. ALMOST.

Not being a techie-genius, I had to rely on suggestions and advice from friends...and an extensive Google search. Everyone kept pointing me in the same direction. Try Firefox, they'd say. But this is one stubborn Trixie you're dealing with here, folks. I'm old-school. I stick with things I know, and I'm faithful to a fault.

As of tonight, I had run every diagnostic test known to man (well, to Dell), called my ISP numerous times (and numerous names), and unplugged & replugged every cord & cable...all to no avail. So, in one last attempt at getting back on-line, I waited patiently as IE loaded, and then downloaded Firefox.

Halleluja & Holy Crap! It works! I've been zipping around the net for an hour now, kicking myself as I surfed for not downloading it five days ago.

So to Internet Explorer...honey, I'm through with you. I can't sit around and wait while you decide whether or not you can commit to me. I've found a new Browser now, and he's been good to me so far. So, take care of yourself, IE. I wish I could say I'll miss you, but you and I both know that it would all be a lie.

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