Monday, February 20, 2006

The Dream of Him ~ Part One

I dreamt last night that a faceless man came to me as I lay in my bed. I wasn't afraid of him. Somehow I knew him, though there was nothing about him that was physically recognizable. He climbed under the sheets and lay beside me. He never spoke.

With a gentle hand, he cupped my breast and ran his thumb over my nipple. Softly, he moved his fingertips down, tracing a line to my navel. At once, he was on top of me, kissing my breasts, my shoulders, my stomach. My hands were in his hair, and my body was responding to him in tremors at his every touch.

I begged him to let me see his face, to let me kiss him, but he simply moved further down my body, silently kissing the deepest parts of me. A bolt of electricity shot through me, and when I had stopped trembling, he came back up and lay beside me.

I could see part of his face now, a hint of handsome features shadowed by the darkness. I wondered how I knew him, this man who had just made me feel like no other man ever could, and I asked him to tell me who he was.

"The details of my life are unimportant. All you need to know is that I'm here for you now."

"But you must tell me something about you. Anything. Tell me whatever you'd like."

So he began...He told me about where he was born, and how he grew up. He spoke of women he'd loved and lost, and of his desire to find his one true love, and he told me tales of far off places.

When he was finished speaking, I asked him why he had come to me.

"Because I knew you would understand me."

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