Thursday, December 22, 2005



Isn't it amazing how two people can look at one little word and feel so utterly and completely different about it? You see, after that 2:39A.M. "trust issues" text message, I got a bit annoyed, and I started tossing the word around in my head a bit. So, here's what I came up with...

1. If I ask you to call me when you get home, it's because I care about your physical well-being. You drive like a maniac - texting, calling, screwing around with your ipod & eating a bagel all at the same time. AND you live out where Jesus dropped his sandals. So, I worry. You have always let me know when you got home safely in the past. So is it not safe to assume that when I didn't hear from you, I'd get a bit freaked out?

Addendum to #1:

For your information, I am like this with EVERYONE I care about. Go ahead and ask Mona. She'll tell you. Its a personality quirk that I've had for my entire life, and should in no way indicate a lack of trust in anyone. Most people find it sweet that I'm that concerned about them.

2. Call me naive, but everyone I meet gets 100 percent of my trust until they prove they don't deserve it. And when I say "prove," I mean you pretty much have to smack me over the head with it.

3. I carried on a relationship with a man who lived over 800 miles away from me. We only saw one another a few days out of the month. His word was ALL I had to go on. So, please, don't tell me I have "trust issues." You have NO IDEA the capacity I have for trusting in someone.

Sometimes I think trust should be a four-letter word because of all the problems it creates. But I can assure you of one was not an issue last night.

It's up to you to decide what you want to do with that to try to bring that number back up to 9,080,000?

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