Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I was stuck, no doubt about that. The damn thing wouldn't turn. I sat there, feeling helpless, nearly in tears. I had been in that stupid parking lot for nearly an hour now, staring at the freaking Old Navy in front of me, praying to whoever was listening that this was only a temporary problem.

I tried everything I could think of. I turned the wheel, I jiggled the key, I turned the wheel while I jiggled the key and I beat the hell out of the steering column. Nothing. The jackass in the H2 next to me just laughed at me and pulled away. Thanks for the help, asshole. I hope you filled your tank up today, and I hope it cost you two hundred bucks, dick.

I called all my friends. No answer. I called AAA. At least a two hour wait until a tow truck could make it. Damnit. I was really screwed. One thought kept popping up in my head. "If I had a boyfriend right now, he'd know what to do."

I turned the key one last time, hopelessly. Desperately.

Guess I didn't need that boyfriend after all.

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